What do I need to know before sending artwork

Here are the 8 most important questions you need to know the answers to
or at least ask us to ensure your design gets printed properly.

1. What file format should I supply my artwork?
A print ready PDF is the best file to supply, Jpeg files can be accepted but can cause the text to print slightly blurred, so theses should only really be used for images.
2. Do I need to supply my documents with ‘bleed’?
If your artwork is edge to edge printing, bleed is required. Bleed is when a document is printed slightly bigger then trimmed back to the original size, this is to allow for movement of your job on the press and cutting, it avoids any white around the job. We require a minimum 3mm bleed on all edges, if you are printing an A4 form, then we need it 216mm x 303mm.
3. Should I supply my artwork in CMYK colours or will RGB be ok?
We require it as CMYK. Any files supplied in RGB colours are prone to a colour shift when converted to CMYK, it’s much better to convert the colours using the original file so you can keep control, rather than us converting it where there is less control.
4. Can I use images I have from the web?
Internet uses images which are only 72dpi.  Whereas 300dpi or above is required for printing. 
5. What is ‘creep’?
This is where several sheets of paper are folded together, the centre sheets have further to travel around the spine, this make the outer sheets shorter which can cause issues when trimming the document.
This is a problem when printing brochures with multiple pages above 12 or more pages and if your design has important information such as text near to the edge of the page. The design has to allow for this, in particular not having pages numbers close to the edge which can result in them being trimmed off.
6. What about layout?
If you are supplying single or double-sided leaflets or a booklet of more than 4 pages then we require them as single pages in the correct order of page 1 being the front, page 2 inside left and so on.
7. What if I use spot colours?
Pantone or spot colour will be converted to CMYK.
8. Do I need to supply my files with ‘crop marks’ or ‘registration marks’?
If possible as it will speed up your order. If you aren’t able to add them, we will do it for you.

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